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Things to Consider Before You Make the Big Decision

It's all too easy to fall in love with a dog that needs rescuing and you may do so with all the best intentions. However, you really do need to ask yourself a few questions before you take the plunge and offer a needy dog a caring place in your heart. The list below consists of a few questions you need to ask yourself before you make the final decision to dog from a rescue home.

Can You Afford To Keep a Dog?

Times are hard, so you need to ask yourself whether you can afford to keep a dog – you have to think not only about the cost of the good quality food you would need to buy for them, but there's vets bills and pet insurance to think about too. Then there's the dog bed, blankets, ID tags, micro-chipping and not forgetting a few toys – all of which are things you'll need to make sure a dog is healthy, happy and safe.

Do You Have Enough Time For a Dog?

Dogs need lots of love and attention. They need daily exercise and it's never enough to just let them out in the back garden a couple of times a day. Dogs need physical exercise but they need mental stimulation too, and depending on the breed, some more than others!

Do You Live in a House or a Flat?

The breed and type of dog you adopt will very much depend on where you live and the type of house or apartment you live in. Some dogs make great pets to have in a flat whereas others do not – you would need to think carefully before making the right choice of dog to suit your living environment.

Does Everyone In Your
Household Want a Dog?

You need to be sure that everyone in the household is keen to share their home with a dog. Remember dogs tend to shed fur on furniture, carpets and often come in wet with muddy paws! You need to be sure the whole family is.